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I’d like to say I’m busy watching the mid-term results come in, but actually, I’m too tied up reading all the reports of voting machine failures causing delays, confusion and most certainly some disenfranchisement. Despite plenty of media attention on the matter months ago it’s clear nothing was done, causing delays, confusion and doubt across

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve seen me describe the current state of security in a variety of colorful ways, but my favorite analogy is the one where I liken ourselves to jugglers with many objects in the air and with more being tossed in every minute by hackers

Time for caution!

We are Our Own Worst Enemy

There is at least one good thing to come from the increasing number of residential surveillance cameras: we are getting real-time, high-definition looks at criminals in action, like the recent video recording of a Tesla being stolen via an already well-known fob spoofing technique, something I wrote about over two years ago. The unsettling video

I’ll dispense with the editorializing about Facebook and other internet giants playing fast and loose with our information and get down to the nitty-gritty of what you should know about the latest Facebook breach, which I initially wrote about (only) two weeks ago: Go to this Facebook link (while you are logged in to Facebook)

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A Windows 10 user enjoying his upgrade

A small percentage of Windows users have opted into the “Insiders” program which grants them early access to new features, bug fixes and content updates for Windows 10, which as I’m sure all of you are painfully familiar with now, updates very frequently. The object of the Insiders program is to “beta test” new updates

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Facebook in Hot Water Again

Back when I first heard about Facebook I was working for a private university known for its “dry” campus. I was asked to consult on the case of a student who was being disciplined for violating the no-alcohol policy because a picture had been discovered of them buying booze at a nearby supermarket. It had

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