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As reported here and everywhere, the 2017 breach of Equifax credit reporting agency exposed critical PII (personally identifiable information) for 147 million Americans. It remains equally notorious for Equifax’s botched handling of the breach as well as the thundering silence (until now) from the government on what should be done to address the appalling privacy

A few years back I had an unusual request from a client to investigate their spouse’s online history for evidence of possible infidelity. I was asked to handle it discreetly and under the guise of investigating their computers for possible hacking or malware infection. Interestingly enough, it turned out that their computers had been hacked

Videoconferencing darling Zoom stirred up a pot of controversy earlier this week after it first disclosed and then defended an apparent security weakness in its OS X video conferencing client. According to the security researcher who discovered and reported the flaw back in March of this year, the Mac version of Zoom installs a webserver

Biohazard warning

Among the many problems of the internet, one of the most egregious is the fact that anyone can create a website, put it online, and not really be held accountable for what is actually published on said website. Let’s take the website of home automation company Orvibo, who, at the time of this article’s writing,

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Very early on, during my time as a young support technician nearly twenty years ago, I quickly learned that most people, particularly those who had grown comfortable working with office computers, frequently did not read many of the dialog and alert boxes that popped up on screen, which often-times led to unexpected or even deleterious

Since the advent of online discussion forums and the resulting need for forum moderators that can reign in unruly participants, there have been endless (if constitutionally ill-informed) debates in the US about free speech rights and their applicability to the internet. This particular debate has loomed ever larger as social media’s sudden dominance in politics,

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