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Previously I wrote about the Elephant on the Internet, and lately it seems like we can’t stop blundering into the pachyderm that shall not be mentioned. Last week, Medium published a controversial article about a strangely mutated (but inexplicably popular) genre of kids videos on YouTube. For those of us hardened by years of work

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Oldies but Goodies!

The technology gremlins are in beast-mode this week, and I haven’t had the time to pen a carefully thought-out blog post for you, but I did go back into our archives to dig out some treasures that I think are still relevant! Make Yourself Less Hackable (2012) – a few handy, still relevant tips on

It may not surprise regular readers to know that I don’t spend much time frequenting social media spaces despite working in the technology industry. Up until 2016, my primary beef with platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was a mix of privacy concerns and disdain for banal content that had to be sifted constantly for

Under Attack!

Despite our hard work to keep our technology devices safe from malware, many of us underestimate a threat living right under our noses. Worse still, these threat vectors don’t even know they are potential harbingers of doom, so neither of you will see it coming until it’s too late. Yes, I’m talking about family &

Researchers released findings today on a critical vulnerability in the way devices using WiFi authenticate themselves with WiFi access points and routers. The exploit that takes advantage of this vulnerability is known as a Key Reinstallation AttaCK, or “KRACK” for short. Unfortunately for all of us, this vulnerability is actually found in a core protocol that


I spend so much time looking at search results that I’ve learned how to effectively ignore the advertising surrounding them, but two recent client incidents have again reminded me that not everyone is savvy to the way that Google and several other search engines present their search results, and more importantly, how advertisements are displayed

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