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A win for the good guys

Long-time readers will notice that it is pretty rare for me to post good news to this blog. I’m sure good technology things happen every day, but we don’t get called when something is working properly, and the mainstream media usually don’t report on anything but bad news. Fortunately for us – because let’s face

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In 2019 I wrote about the arrival of deep fakes and posited that it might take an election being stolen before anyone in the country takes it seriously. Welcome to 2024 where someone engineered a robocall in New Hampshire designed to suppress the vote in that state’s January 23rd primary elections. The call featured what

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What I’d like to see in 2024

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the 30-odd years working in technology, it’s that I am terrible at predicting where technology is going next. When I was younger and considerably more optimistic, I had hoped for a world where technology would help us to replace both the dangerous and hideously mundane jobs allowing us more

23andMe and 6.9M of you

Back in October of this year, we wrote about DNA testing company 23andMe’s reported data breach. Initially thought to “only” impact 1.4 million people, 23andMe has revised that estimate to a whopping 6.9 million impacted users that had data exposed including names, birthdays, locations, pictures, addresses, related family members, but not, as the company has

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There is a conflict brewing in the workplace that many will view as just another symptom of corporate greed. Regardless of its source it’s about to come to a boil, and Microsoft and the other tech heavy-hitters are turning up the heat whether we are ready or not. To be fair to them, they aren’t

Back in 2018, a website called MyHeritage was hacked, and even though “only” usernames and passwords of its 92 million customers were stolen at the time, we considered the nightmare scenario of DNA information on 92 million people being stolen. Five years later, that nightmare has been (sorta) realized as DNA testing firm 23andMe confirmed

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