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Robot looking at a flower

It seems rare to find feel-good information about artificial intelligence lately, so when I spot it, I like to share it, especially when it has to compete for attention with discouraging stories where AI technology is enabling the spread of hate and misinformation. After a young woman in Rhode Island lost her voice due to

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Once again it looks like we will have to leave it to the European Union to be the adult in the room, especially when it comes to US companies running roughshod over everyone in pursuit of the almighty dollar. We have them to thank for things like taking Microsoft to task for various monopolistic tactics

Technician Heal Thyself

If there’s one thing I can state with certainty in 2024, technology is not getting easier. Just about every aspect of our lives, personal and professional, is getting automated, appified and otherwise “wired up” like we were living in a 90’s cyberpunk novel. Many aspects of those landscapes were eerily prescient (hello mega corporations), but

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The return of the Restart

Depending on how long you’ve been using computers, you may well remember a time when, “Have you tried turning off and back on,” was the first thing you heard when trying to troubleshoot any issue. In the 90’s and into the 00’s this was the go-to first step of tech support. And then we entered

A win for the good guys

Long-time readers will notice that it is pretty rare for me to post good news to this blog. I’m sure good technology things happen every day, but we don’t get called when something is working properly, and the mainstream media usually don’t report on anything but bad news. Fortunately for us – because let’s face

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In 2019 I wrote about the arrival of deep fakes and posited that it might take an election being stolen before anyone in the country takes it seriously. Welcome to 2024 where someone engineered a robocall in New Hampshire designed to suppress the vote in that state’s January 23rd primary elections. The call featured what

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