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Don’t let down your guard yet, but it would seem that hackers are focusing their efforts on targets with deeper pockets than you or I. Sinclair Broadcasting is the latest infrastructure victim to have their operations significantly disrupted by a ransomware attack that took dozens of televisions stations completely offline for hours in various markets

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Even those living under the proverbial rock knew about the massive Facebook outage last week. For almost 6 hours last Monday, the entire world(!) was without their daily drip of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp which, for a large portion of the online world is the entirety of social media that matters. And the week before

Another week and more bad news. Most of the world’s technology relies on several key chip manufacturers that are located in Asia, and in case you hadn’t heard, they were rocked by the Pandemic fairly early on in 2020. This has created a massive shortfall in semiconductor production which, when coupled with the spike in demand

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Another Day, Another Vulnerability

We’ll keep it short and sweet this week. Earlier this year, an advanced form of spyware was discovered on a small group of Middle-Eastern journalists’ iPhones that was eventually traced back to a developer in Isreal called NSO Group. Purportedly designed for law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism, the spyware known as Pegasus appears to

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Password and Account Madness

Warning: this article will melt your brain. Consume in small portions and rest frequently. Or skip to the end for the simple advice. In the not so distant past of technology, the account name you used to access your service or software was usually a single word. Sometimes it was your name, or some variation

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Today’s smartphones are incredibly powerful. If you are savvy enough, and determined, you could probably do a good portion of your office job and manage most, if not all of your personal life just via a late model smartphone. Even someone like me can do a significant amount of work via smartphone. The tools are

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