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What the heck is GDPR?

Over the past 2 weeks, all of you have probably been beset with numerous emails from the various websites and online services with whom you regularly (or even infrequently) interact, notifying you that their terms of service/use or privacy policies have changed. Depending on how closely you may be paying attention to the ceaseless flood

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I’d like to say we actually went a few weeks without having to talk about Facebook because they weren’t in the news, but in reality, they were. I was just exhausted with the punishment they have been taking in the media ring, and rang the bell out of mercy rather than letting them continue to

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The concept of a virtual assistant isn’t new – the practice has been around for easily a decade, if not longer, and traditionally taken to describe someone hired to work as a personal assistant that wasn’t physically located near the person they were assisting. Initially received very coolly, the practice has become fairly commonplace, though

Tech News Potpourri

While I know I should be grateful that it’s a slow news week for technology, it makes writing this blog a little challenging. However there are a few bits of news that may be of interest to at least some of you. Taken individually, each item is probably not worth more than a “Hmph” from

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Yahoo Mail back in the news

Do you remember when a technology company in the media spotlight usually meant something exciting and shiny was being announced? Those days seem so distant now. Back then, Jobs was giving us “one more thing,” Google was actually trying to not be evil, Flash was still doing amazing things on the web, Facebook was connecting

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It used to be a simple topic to explain: if the hacking attempt to undermine or subvert a government entity was sponsored by another country, it was considered cyberwarfare, and if by a geo-political group, (but not a recognized nation) cyber-terrorism. Everything else fell into the lesser evil that was Spam used by desperate marketers,

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