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Get Patched

Back when the internet was relatively new and essentially unspoiled, there was a great deal of hype around the “connected home” which was to include every major appliance, all of your entertainment electronics, home lighting, environmental controls, and security. Everything it would seem, including toilets, which some manufacturers are still trying to make happen in

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C2 Technology is in the business of providing technology support and consulting to other organizations, and Google’s many tools are indispensable to me and my team. Our email is hosted by Google, our searches are powered by Google, and it even helps me keep track of where I’ve been in the past week, and as

Bad weather ahead

Two separate reports have come in this week detailing the increasing tide of cyber attacks intending to sow politically-motivated disruption through the spread of misinformation and by targeting specific political organizations and government bodies. Microsoft was first to the gate with news that its Digital Crimes Unit (bet you didn’t know they had that!) executed

Despite what you might think, the titular pachyderm of this week’s blog isn’t the GOP mascot, but that same elephant I’ve pointed out to you in the past. We, as a civilization, have put into place technologies that have significant impact on our lives seemingly without the requisite care and considerations for our own safety


Scareware isn’t a new trend – we’ve been seeing fake “FBI warnings” on our computer screens long enough that even the most technology naive among us knows not to pay their “online fine”, and the crime of extortion has been around as long as humanity has used currency. Unfortunately for all of us, cybercriminals have

Even though most of us know Amazon as the world’s largest drain on everyone’s wallet, they do quite a bit more not generally visible to their adoring public, including developing a now-controversial face recognition platform called “Rekognition” intended for use by law enforcement agencies. “Controversial” because of a recent report released by the American Civil

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