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Last week, a five-thousand mile fuel pipeline that spans the country from the Gulf Coast to New York was shut down by company operators because of a ransomware attack that had compromised parts of their technology infrastructure. According Colonial Pipeline Company, the pipeline wasn’t shutdown by the attack itself but enacted as a precautionary measure.

The previous two blogs have walked through some of the basic structure and background of Microsoft’s complex, cloud-based account platform, and we’ve touched somewhat on the reasons why you might have one or more Microsoft accounts. You will definitely have one if you’ve ever had a Hotmail.com or Outlook.com email address, and less common a

Last week I wrote about the Microsoft Account that you may or may not be using properly on your Windows 10 machine. Thanks to some very poor user interface decisions from the Windows 8 days as well as Microsoft’s behind-the-scenes efforts to move their vast Hotmail/Outlook.com/Live.com users into a monolithic (sort of) platform, it’s highly

When Microsoft introduced Windows 8 they introduced a new “feature” in the wizard that walks you through the process of setting up your new PC. This new feature was the ability to use a Microsoft account as your user login on the PC instead of the traditional user account that has been used for years

Despite the fact that a database containing personal information scraped from Facebook on over half a billion people has appeared on the internet and is available for anyone with a modicum of technical skill, Facebook doesn’t appear to be concerned at all, dismissing this particular news with a hand wave, “This is old data that

Last week I wrote an article about another mega-corporation that starts with “A” that presents a more benevolent public image than they actually behave, but in the case of AT&T, I don’t think anyone mistakes them for a business with a progressive ideology. As a matter of fact, you could say their latest blog as

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