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Oracle set to “buy” US TikTok

Though you might not know it, you’ve probably seen at least one TikTok video, and if you spend any significant amount of time on other social media platforms like Face-behemoth you’ve definitely seen one. If you live with teens that have access to the internet, you have more than likely seen them spending hours consuming

Home Network Security

A good portion of you have probably gotten yourself and your family more or less situated to working and learning at home, and unless something dramatic happens in the medical community (experts say this is unlikely), we are probably going to need to carry on in this environment through the end of the year. This

In case you haven’t see one yet, you can find a great example of a “deepfake” video in one of our past postings. While the example I use of Bill Hader impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger is humorously entertaining, the context makes the manipulation much easier to spot than in this video of Mark Zuckerberg, which was

Time for caution!

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, certain companies, like C2, were well positioned to continue operating business-as-usual despite the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns. And some businesses are thriving, especially the ones that facilitate remote work and learning like Zoom. Even before the lockdowns forced videoconferencing into the spotlight, Zoom was making significant inroads

working from home

After a few hours of mild panic when the lock-down was first announced here in L.A., I came to realize that while C2 was likely to encounter some new challenges and hazards, we were probably one of few companies that were operating in a fashion that left us relatively unaffected by work-at-home mandates, and our

working from home

The Pandemic Strikes Back

Despite some absolutely astounding head-in-the-sand approaches from our country’s leadership for “opening” America back up for business, Covid-19 is stubbornly refusing to just give up in the face of American bravado and continues to rampage like a bull in a china shop through our population. One of the hottest points of contention right now is

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