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Know your exits

It’s become abundantly clear from how we handled the pandemic that humans, as a general rule, aren’t very good at planning for, and dealing with, unexpected scenarios, especially if it is something that they don’t believe can happen to them. Life insurance agents will tell you this, and as a guy who’s spent the past

Hot on the heels of a moderate backlash on their Sidewalk initiative, Amazon has decided that maybe Ring doorbells should be a little more considerate of your privacy. Up until today, if you had subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan which provided a means for you to store history of your Ring camera’s footage in

Linked In

Reports are now popping up in my technology news feed that a database containing information from over 700 million LinkedIn members is now available for purchase on the dark web. Unlike some of the other information dumps that have made headlines recently, this one doesn’t contain passwords or other sensitive information, but it does contain

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Amazon announced its controversial “Sidewalk” platform nearly two years ago, but most of you probably missed the announcement and the uproar it caused as we were consequently distracted by the mother of all distractions in 2020. Now that we are all starting to stumble into the daylight like hermits emerging from a cave, Amazon is

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With the recent ransomware attacks on large US companies like fuel distribution company Colonial Pipeline and now JBS, one of the world’s largest beef and pork suppliers, some of you might be thinking, “Oh good, they are focusing on the big fish now,” which gives us smaller companies a little breathing room. While this may

When the pandemic came crashing down on the US workforce last year there was a mad scramble by companies to figure out how to continue operating with a work force scattered to the four winds. On top of the realization that essential technologies like webcams and laptops were suddenly scarce, America’s newest telecommuters had to

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