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The day that many people are dreading is fast approaching: Microsoft is ending extended support for Windows 7 as January 2020, which means that it will no longer be providing updates and fixes to the extremely popular and widely used operating system. What you may not have realized was that Microsoft actually ended mainstream support

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If you don’t have a Google account or use the Google calendar feature, you can stop reading and maybe read something from our back catalog. Still with us? Good, I’ll explain what’s happening, and then how you can plug this particular vulnerability. To put it simply, scammers are sending calendar invites to Google users that

In case you haven’t already been scared silly by the concept, “deep fakes” are a new classification of videos wherein the faces of the subjects of the videos, usually short clips from movies or talk shows with easily recognizable actors, are replaced with a different face. While skilled video and movie special effects editors have

Android in the crosshairs again

I’m pretty sure most of us pay very little attention when our mobile phones ask to update the installed apps, even if during that process your phone asks if its OK to grant new permissions to an app that needs access to your contacts, camera, phone or local filesystem. The app is already installed on

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Depending on which security company you get your news from, the percentage increase from 2018 varies from 110% to a whopping 365% as reported by Malwarebytes Labs. Also important to note: attackers are going after government institutions in the US in a noticeable way. Since the start of 2019,

There are so many reports of this nature that I literally can’t even. My vacation can’t come soon enough, but in reality I’m just going to be worrying about all of you staying safe in the face of widespread negligence and malfeasance. Read on if you dare: AT&T employees took bribes to plant malware on

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