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Hawaiians got a small taste of cold-war nostalgia last week with a false alarm that warned of an imminent but non-existent ballistic missile threat. While authorities were relatively quick to clarify the lack of impending doom for the tropical islands, they could not forestall the sharp criticism from many fronts, including North Korea who was

Tech Resolutions for 2018

It seems that while most of us aren’t sorry to see 2017 in the rear-view, if recent news is any indication, 2018 isn’t shaping up to be any brighter for technology. My outlook on security for SMB technology is mixed at best – I’m certain we will see an escalating amount of attacks coordinated by

Let’s just start 2018 with a bang, shall we? If you thought Intel’s mind-boggling security flaw of late 2017 was a jaw dropper, this latest one is has got to be the “hold my beer” moment of 2018, and we’re only 3 days into the new year. Intel is topping itself with what appears to

A lot of clients, friends and family have asked me about what the recent FCC ruling means for them, and many of them admit that they don’t really have a full understanding of what Net Neutrality actually is. First, here’s a refresher on Net Neutrality. Spend five minutes even if you understand NN, as it

This week’s technology mega blunder comes courtesy of industry giant HP, and it was literally at our fingertips the entire time. HP, among many other laptop manufacturers, has long used software from Synaptics to drive its laptop keyboards and touch-pads, and unfortunately the latest security goof comes in the form of a keylogger built into,

Apple Logo

It’s no secret that I’m a proud Android smartphone user, but a large majority of my clients and acquaintances are iPhone users, and I know that many of them have not been having a good weekend due to a series of bugs in the latest version of iOS. Some of the bigger bugs include a

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