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It’s hard to see how the pandemic could bring about anything positive that wasn’t gained at the cost of over a million dead (worldwide), but the change it has wrought is irrefutable. Certain industries like food services and hospitality have had to reshape their entire business model, and many that couldn’t change fast enough succumbed

Show that printer who’s boss

Now that a lot of you are working regularly from home, you’ve probably gotten most of your technology (that you can control) working more or less reliably, but I’m willing to bet there’s at least one hunk of plastic and sand that is regularly giving you fits. Yes, we’re looking at you, laser or inkjet

Who's hacking who?

Is Your Computer Haunted?

While I regularly hear this question throughout the year, it seems seasonally appropriate to talk about this particular phenomenon. “My computer has a mind of its own,” or my favorite, “I think my computer is possessed,” could actually be an accurate assessment of the situation, but not in a supernatural way. A large majority of

Though just about any parent I’ve spoken with will tell you that they wish they could install a tracking device on their kids, maybe we should be more careful in wishing. This time the monkey’s paw is curling around a new smartwatch for kids that (up until recently) came with a hidden backdoor that, if

Email Attacks on the Rise

We are seeing a large spike in email phishing attacks across the board, both targeting our clients as well as their customers. These types of attacks are not new, but remain effective because the attackers are relying on a set of human behaviors that are predictable and exploitable. Gone are the days when scam emails were

There is an ongoing debate in the business world when it comes to deciding whether or not to pay a ransom demand when critical data systems are locked up in a successful ransomware attack. As a rule, technology and security professionals recommend against paying the ransom, but often times the business leaders will calculate the

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