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How long could your organization continue to operate without its core servers? Could you last two weeks? The the city of Baltimore, MD has been without its email and payment processing services since May 7th after refusing to pay the nearly $100K bitcoin ransom demanded by the hackers that “kidnapped” their systems. In case you

New week, new punching bag: this time, Intel returns to the spotlight with yet another flaw in its CPUs, up to and including the most recent 9th generation processors as well as going back as far as ones produced in 2008. This week has been absolutely bananas for technology issues so I’m going to keep

Who's hacking who?

Even if you haven’t read the seminal novel 1984 in many decades, you will surely recall the omnipresent “Big Brother” and the even more haunting reminder/warning that “Big Brother is watching you.” Rather than actually representing a single person (or even celestial being) readers quickly come to realize Big Brother is the result of countless

GPS tracking devices on fleet vehicles have enabled transportation and shipping companies to to streamline operations and improve efficiency for decades. As vehicles have become increasingly computerized, these devices also acted as a gateway for even more data gathering, commonly known as telemetry, which naturally led to them being connected to the internet for realtime

It’s a lovely day when I get to incorporate a pun into the weekly newsletter, but not so lovely for Samsung who has faced a series of setbacks on a variety of issues with their smartphones. The latest problem has actually prompted the Korean manufacturer to recall all the review units of the Galaxy Fold,

Facebook logo

Facebook is in the headlines again, and once again, not for anything redemptive. I’d say I was almost feeling sorry for Facebook, but it would probably be more correct to say that I feel sorry for the thousands of people it employs and the millions of people for whom the social media platform is their

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