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The Web is 30 Years Old

Believe it or not, the world wide web turned 30 on March 11th. Sir Tim Berners-Lee first submitted his proposal for an information management system in 1989 that was designed to manage and disseminate the growing sprawl of digital data being amassed by universities and researchers around the world. Four years later, CERN released the


Last year was not a good year for Facebook. Starting with the Cambridge Analytica, the social media giant seemed to stumble through a series of gaffes that literally erased billions from Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth. Yet, here we are again with the social media giant continuing to act with cavalier indifference towards its users’ privacy, and

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Full disclosure – I’ve long been a fan of many of Google’s services. I’ve used Gmail since the first beta, rely on Google search all day long, use a Pixel as my smartphone and listen to music all day long through their music service. It pains me when my favorite tech brands make poor choices,

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Make a list, check it twice!

There is nothing like severe weather to make you appreciate the benefits of a highly mobile workforce, whether you are the worker, safely ensconced in a warm & dry location, or the business owner, suddenly managing a half-empty office but confident the wheels of commerce are still turning. Thanks to declining technology costs and pervasive

As more and more of you start to explore the possibilities of becoming part of the mobile workforce, I am frequently asked about one area in particular: How do I get access to the things I normally use at work when I’m on the road or working from home? This question is often followed up


By the time you read this, Apple will be on day two of quarantining group calls in its video chat app, FaceTime. Why? Oh, how about a nasty eavesdropping bug that would allow callers to listen in on recipients before they pick up the call? Not necessarily ground-shaking in terms of espionage or  cybercrime, but

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