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working from home

With the governor declaring essentially a state-wide shutdown of traditional workspaces, almost all of you are transitioning to some form of remote operations, up to a full shutdown of your physical office spaces and sending all of your employees home to work. While I consider myself a work-at-home veteran – this will be my eighth

working from home

Pandemic: Week One

As many of you might have guessed, C2 is drinking from a proverbial fire hose this week, and I know for a fact that just about all of my clients are worried about how this will impact their organizations. It’s still too early for me to have any real insights on how this pandemic will


So you wanna work from home?

Aside from a huge spike in personal hygiene, if there is any other glimmer of a silver lining from the Corona Virus pandemic, one of them is assuredly that a lot of employers are going to need to re-evaluate their telecommuting stances. After working for more than 20 years in corporate offices, some of which

In case you haven’t already seen what Deepfakes are all about, here’s a relatively harmless and entertaining demonstration of what our dark future holds: The deepfake technology first surfaced in 2017 and even at the time of its first appearance, nearly every pundit paying even minuscule amounts of attention predicted they would have significant political

Show those passwords who’s boss

Despite what Hollywood, Apple, Amazon and Google might want you to believe, accessing and securing our technology lives still takes more than scanning various body parts and shouting at inanimate objects. These fancy biometric gateways are still powered by the clumsy password mechanism that has been around for decades and will probably exist for a


Don’t let passwords bully you

Most of my clients are surprised to learned that we spend a large percentage of our troubleshooting time on password issues, and within that particular category of issues, the majority of that time is spent on recovering or resetting lost passwords. They also worry that they are unusually bad at this aspect of their professional

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