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Last week we discussed what a properly equipped home office might look like, but another component that is just as important is the technology infrastructure of the company itself. Thanks to the unstoppable force that is the Internet, small and medium-sized businesses now have access to technology platforms and services that were previously the exclusive

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It’s 2022 and approaching the third(!) year of the pandemic. Your company is onboard with “telecommuting” and perhaps they’ve decided to lean into it for real, which means it’s time to take a hard look at that 8-year-old computer and rickety chair you bought at a local garage sale. Definitely replace the computer and that

If there is one thing that the holiday seasons are known for, it’s the broken-record playlists we are subjected to wherever fine background music is played, but rather than torturing your ears with “All I want for Christmas” for the 50th time today, I’ll sing another familiar tune that starts like this, “Protect yourself before

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At this point it should come as no surprise to anyone that regardless of what Facebook says about security and privacy, you can almost guarantee they will be caught in a lie, or at the very least, avoiding the truth. The latest boondoggle comes courtesy of a Freedom of Information Act finding made by an

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Really Black Friday

I’ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating – the chip shortage will not wrap up anytime soon, with all major players like Nvidia, Intel and Toshiba predicting shortages lasting well into 2022 if not into 2023. Seeing as semiconductors are in everything from autos to Zambonis and everything between, production has slowed if not

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In years leading up to the domination of the world by the Internet we used to make fun of organizations and industries that seemed to be dragging their feet on getting modernized – the Navy’s old DOS-based, air-gapped systems seemed so antiquated (even with the Wargames movie sounding very prescient, if simplistic alarms) or local

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