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In case you thought the Equifax breach might be easing itself out of the limelight, news has arrived that is just pouring more fuel onto this raging dumpster fire. Reports are surfacing that the credit agency was breached earlier this year in March, possibly by the same hackers, which now puts extra spice on speculation

Time for Caution

The Equifax Debacle so far

I’m pretty sure even if you were hiding under a rock in some remote corner of America you probably heard that credit reporting company Equifax was breached and confidential information on nearly 150 million Americans was stolen. Rather than handling it like an industry leader, they seemed to have stumbled around like a tyro startup

Last week an astounding 700 million logins and passwords were discovered when a misconfigured spam server leaked them on the internet.  Research on the massive database by security analyst Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned fame indicates that the data is likely an aggregation of many previous breaches as well as various “dark net”

Where do your devices go when they’ve outlived their usefulness? What about the ones that croaked prematurely and have turned into expensive paper-weights, door-stoppers and dust collectors? Most of us have been working with technology long enough now that even the most restrained consumer will have amassed a small pile of metal, glass and plastic

In 1993, The New Yorker magazine published the cartoon “On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog” by artist Peter Steiner. More than two decades later, this simple illustration continues to highlight the double-edged sword that is the internet’s ability to widely spread information effortlessly. This is a powerful force multiplier for both good and


How to spot fake emails

I received an interesting email earlier this week that was almost consigned to digital oblivion when it showed up in my inbox. Throwing it in the trash was reflexive and it was only after my subconscious had a few minutes to chew on it that it occurred to me why it was different: it was

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