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Facebook in Hot Water Again

As you should be painfully aware by now, data is not only proving to be the currency of the information age, but also the key to political power, and when you are the world’s largest social media company (as well as one of the largest, period), you have a ton of data at your virtual fingertips. It

Who watches the watchers?

Getting off the grid in 2018

I don’t have any actual statistical data to back this up, but by my reckoning, over the past 4-5 years I’ve been running C2, at least one out of every five people I’ve spoken with at length have expressed some interest in leaving the bulk of social media behind, and most of them have lumped

I regularly receive calls from clients, family and friends that follow a familiar pattern, “My internet is slow|broken|acting weird, and yes, I just rebooted my device.” My cohorts and I in the technology industry will take full credit for finally ingraining in our clients the (oftentimes) self-healing mantra of “reboot, reboot, reboot,” but when powering

Despite the fact that fixing broken technology and fighting internet pollution puts food on the table at Casa C2, I don’t take (much) pleasure in delivering technology tales of woe and doom to you, so it’s refreshing when I can update you on a technology that I am keenly interested in, especially when it intersects with my

Can you spare some CPU cycles?

Companies jumping on the cryptocurrency hype train is relatively old news. You’ve all heard about companies changing their name to some variant of “blockchain” just to cash in on the trading frenzy surrounding the hot new tech, regardless of whether they had anything at all to do with the industry or technology. As a nice follow

Cryptocurrency mining seems to be all the rage right now. While it wouldn’t be unusual for my clients in the finance industry to be keeping close tabs on technology’s “hottest” trend, I’ve been asked about cryptocurrency by just about everyone, including stay-at-home parents and retirees, mostly because a younger family member is either an avid

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