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New Malware hits 30k Macs

Not even three months into Apple’s release of new computers powered by the Apple M1 processor, researchers have discovered at least two malware platforms that seems to have been specifically written to target Apple’s new CPU. One of the new apps, “GoSearch22” is actually a recompiled version of a known adware app called “Pirrit”. The

Biohazard warning

Last week the sleepy Florida town of Oldsmar made headlines as its municipal water utility was targeted in a cyberattack. The attack resulted in the unauthorized access of a computer that controlled the chemical treatment of the city’s potable water supply, and the attackers actually managed to adjust a setting that could have poisoned the

When working with people who are actively attempting to correct or remediate behaviors that were previously unproductive or destructive it’s important to provide encouragement and feedback on the positive changes. Common sense would dictate that any progress is better than none at all, and it serves no one to berate someone for shortcomings they are

While the past year has been no picnic for anyone except the handful of billionaires profiting from the pandemic, it’s at least given some of us opportunities for improvement and enlightenment that we may not have otherwise pursued given the usual daily routine. Some of you have whiled away your free time catching up on

Who Protects the Protectors?

If you’ve used a computer – Windows or Mac – in the past 20 or so years, you’ve probably used a handy product called Malwarebytes. Once consider a scrappy bit of software us techs could whip out during the early days of malware infections, Malwarebytes has since “leveled-up” into a very successful security platform that

Know your tools

Much of what I learned from my father about being handy around the house was from watching him work, and then, once I was old enough to be more useful than distracting, from actually doing the work while under his careful supervision. His style of instruction was typically hands-off and non-verbal, letting me experience the

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