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Two-fer Tuesday

It’s late and we’re fighting through a rather difficult month of technology challenges for our clients, but I wanted to make sure you got a heads-up on two important news items that happened this week. The first one actually happened months ago, but we are only hearing about it now, after the companies involved were


Many of my clients, even the ones that I’ve worked with for years, view my tech troubleshooting skills as supernatural. While some of this is attributable to the perverseness of mechanical devices, “It was doing the thing until you walked into the room, and now it’s working,” the rest of the time it looks easy

Time for caution!

I’m sure that when the first prototypes of today’s smart speakers were demonstrated it probably felt like part of the bright, shiny future from Star Trek: Next Generation had arrived. Finally we were going to have the modern-day equivalent of Majel Barrett politely making things happen just with the power of our voice. It’s taken

Email Overload

Staying Safe with Email

Last week I explained why email continues to be the number one source of malware infections, but this week’s blog is for the TLDR crowd: how to reduce the amount of risk we incur each day using email. Enough talk, more tips, Woo! All attachments delivered via email should be considered unsafe. This is a


Why Email is a Malware Magnet

Those of us who have been using computers for a few decades remember the days when getting a computer virus was more of a nuisance than today’s current nightmare, but back then computers and the internet played a much lesser role in our personal and professional lives. On top of this, the past purveyors of

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Facebook Logo

There’s no way to spin this: Facebook is currently running a political ad with a false claim that Biden tried to bribe Ukraine regarding an investigation into a firm that employed his son. Facebook’s own fact-checking partners have debunked this claim, and yet, the ad has been viewed millions of times and even re-broadcasted by

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